IP exhibition Thessaloniki and Athens September 2018

In September 2018 I ran two 3-hour workshops at the International Publisher’s Exhibition in Thessalonki and Athens. In this workshop we explored issues with comprehension questions, rule discovery activities and controlled practice exercises, and explored creative alternatives. The workshop participants then used a series of texts to design their own lessons. These can be found below.

Teaching suggestions from the workshop

The slides and materials for the workshop can be found below.

IP exhibition workshop texts

workshop bibliography

Teaching grammar in a different way PPT

A short article to accompany the talks can be found here.

Moscow 2017

In September 2017 I was fortunate to be invited to run a workshop in Moscow organised by Irina Malinina. To read more about what she does check out her blog here.

The day started  with a workshop on the value of exploring reasons rather than rules. This was similar to the session I ran at IATEFL 2017 but included a focus on translation and an extensive discussion on the value of exploring reasons rather than rules in the local teachers’ contexts. The second workshop focused on how teachers can create or adapt materials so that there are more opportunities for genuine interaction and meaningful language use in their classes. The participants in the workshop then had some time to design or adapt their own materials, which I hope we will be able to share here in the future.

The slides from the workshop can be found below

Session 1 From rules to reasons

Creating materials workshop