Teaching grammar: from rules to reasons


Teaching Grammar: From Rules to Reasons outlines an alternative approach to teaching grammar in the language classroom. Rather than looking at rules, it explores what speakers and writers of English do with grammar, and how language students can be guided to discover what they mean by looking for reasons instead.

This book contains an overview of approaches to teaching grammar, lesson materials, systematic lesson procedures, teaching tips and advice for creating your own materials. It also describes different types of communicative tasks and suggests how the approaches outlined in the book can be incorporated into a syllabus or teacher training course. It was shortlisted for an ELTON in the ‘Innovation in language teaching’ category in 2018, where it was a runner up to Mark Hancock’s pron pack.

Eltons awards sign

To learn more about the book you can read an interview I did for English Teaching Professional here and an auto-review in the June 2017 edition of HLTmag. You can also watch these short videos which describe what’s in the book and who the book is for.


Reviews for ‘Teaching Grammar: from rules to reasons’

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