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On this  page you can find materials and lessons outlines from teachers who have tried out ideas from my book ‘Teaching Grammar: from rules to reasons’.  This includes lessons in which students have uncovered the reason why a writer or speaker is using a specific language point, or an example of a replication or transposition task. All teachers who visit the sight are welcome to contribute and share materials. The first two lessons, which I discussed in my 2018 IATEFL talk, can be found below. Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, I have not been able to use materials taken from ELT course-books or other published sources.

If you would like to contribute, please send me the lesson materials, a brief outline of the procedure and some information about the learners to danny.norrington-davies@ihlondon.com


Elementary +

Pre-intermediate +

Intermediate +

  • The House on Mango Street. This lesson was inspired by Liyang Liu (Sophia) and parts of it were used with her grade 10 literature students in China. In this lesson, students read and compare two paragraphs from Sandra Cisneros’ short story ‘The House on Mango Street’. As well as exploring the content of the story, the students also work out why the narrator is using would.  

Click the links to download The House on Mango Street lesson plan  and The House on Mango Street worksheet

Upper-intermediate +

  • Chickpeas or cookies. This lesson was contributed by Emma Meade-Flynn, a teacher and teacher-trainer working in Barcelona. It can be used on any course that uses texts, but in this lesson, Emma was able to exploit her students’ L1 by using a parallel text take from El Pais, a Spanish newspaper. As well as exploring the content of the text and discussing the issues it contains, the students also work out why the writer is using present perfect simple and continuous and the present continuous.

Click the links to download Chickpeas or cookies lesson plan and Chickpeas or cookies worksheet.