Articles and publications


Teaching Grammar: from Rules to Reasons. Pavilion Publishing 2016

Published in 2016, ‘Teaching Grammar: from rules to reasons’ was shortlisted for a British Council ELTON in the ‘Innovation in teaching resources‘ category. You can find more information about the book in the link at the top of the page.

Chapters in edited books

From rules to reasons and other tweaks. In Bouckaert, M., M. Konings & M. van Winkelhof (Eds.) Meaning-focused materials for language learning. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Published in September 2018, this chapter explores some issues with comprehension questions, rule-discovery exercises and controlled practice activities and outlines some engaging and creative alternatives.

Articles and blog posts

Emergent language. English Teaching Professional 2020

This article describes a research project I did with Nick Andon, my colleague and friend from King’s College London, that looked at how experienced teachers work with emergent language.

A new look at listening. With Ken Lackman. English Teaching Professional 2018.

This article, written with my friend Ken Lackman, explores how learner generated questions can lead to more focused listening and helps learners develop strategies for listening independently. To find out more about Ken and his work click here.

Don’t tell the Police. They’re not important    HLTmag April 2015

This article is based on a talk ‘Don’t tell the police – they’re not important’ I gave at IATEFL in 2012. A shortened version can be found in the conference selections of the same year. It looks at problems with the way the passive is often dealt with in course-books and outlines an alternative way of dealing with it in the classroom.

Why create your own lessons on the CELTA course. IHLondon blog August 2014

This post is a follow up to one written by Ali Jordan, a trainee teacher on a CELTA course, who  shared her experience of designing and teaching her own lesson. In this post I suggests ways in which these lessons can be extended when you start your first job and have more time with your students

Visualisation, memory and engaging L2 learners in the reading experience. Folio. 16/2 2015

This article explores how encouraging L2 learners to create mental images as they read can have a positive effect on comprehension and recall and is a viable technique to incorporate into lessons and courses.

To access a PDF click Folio article PDF.

Leaping before you look: Encouraging teachers in training on pre-service courses to work with emergent language. The Teacher Trainer. 29/3 2015

This article describes how new and inexperienced teachers on pre-service teacher training courses like the Cambridge CELTA or Trinity CERT TESOL can be encouraged to work with emerging language in their lessons.