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I’m an English language teacher and teacher trainer working at International House London.

As a language teacher, my interests are emergent language, grammar, materials development, critical thinking, visualisation and creativity. I also enjoy attending and speaking at conferences and have published articles for ETP, The Teacher Trainer, Folio and HLT magazine. My first book, ‘Teaching Grammar: from rules to reasons’ was published by Pavilion Publishing in December 2016. It was shortlisted for a British Council ELTON in Teaching Innovation in 2018. My second book, ‘Working with emergent language’ was co-authored with my friend and colleague Richard Chinn and published by Pavilion in 2023.

This website is mainly a place for me to share articles, materials, webinars, and conference presentations. From 2023, I would also like to share lessons contributed by teachers who have used the approaches and techniques used in my books and conference talks. These can be found by clicking the ‘lesson share’ link above. I hope you enjoy these lessons and can contribute yourself.

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  1. Najat Abu Rayyan

    Dear Danny
    I’m doing my Trinity Dip with Dublin TFL and I’ve just come across some of your work suggested by our tutors. I’m quite impressed by your alteration of lesson stages particularly rules. I love how you changed RULES into REASONS.What a clever thing to do! I’m looking forward to reading more of your work and get to know more about how you do things in the teaching practice.


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